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In the Age of Technology Advances, changes and disruptions produce an exciting future for the engineering community. Industries recognised even more to leverage on specialist capabilities in order to stay focus on their core business. ARTAC+ is founded to collaborate with industries thru our B2B and E2E solutions in facility engineering and management thru our products, technology, engineering community for Hi-tech facilities to achieve a sustainable and best value-creation to the Industries.

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Bringing the art of facility engineering in fusion with technology to create sustainable values to our customer business.  Performing analytics, re-model, re-engineering, re-tool.


A leading collaboration partner trusted among the facility engineering specialists community to jointly deliver impactful results to our customers.


  • Customer focus. Family First
  • Diversity is our core
  • Entrepreneurs in pursuit
  • Greater than great
  • Data and Fact is the driver


Founders @ ARTAC+ comes together with values of integrity, rich diversity, in-depth capabilities (planning, design, procurement, construction, operation) and deep engineerings to deliver innovative sustainable designs:

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